Today's veterinarian practices face many challenges when it comes to integrating
emerging technologies into their existing environments.

Traditional PM vs. Global Practice Management (GPM)

With so many capable Practice Management (PM) providers in the market place, promising a total technology solution for your practice, it's easy to lose sight of the big picture. Even with the best of intent, traditional PM vendors fall short of a total solution. This is because they primarily support the functionality of their specific products - not your practice's global technology infrastructure.

Today's Veterinarians are juggling more responsibilities than ever before. Most simply lack the time and technical resources to manage the ever-growing volume of data their practice generates and the multitude of practice specific technologies required to run their business. Managing all of these technologies can be a daunting and time consuming responsibility. When things go wrong, you don't always know where the problem lies and who to call, leaving you and your staff wasting valuable time contacting multiple venders to resolve issues.

At AmeriTechnology Group, we take a global view when it comes to
managing your technology.

We are the innovator of Global Practice Management (GPM) support and technology solutions.

We assume the position as your virtual CIO and IT department and our primary job is to proactively manage and support your global IT infrastructure.

Regardless of the issue, AmeriTechnology Group's expert technicians are ready and equipped to support your staff, your technology, and your entire practice. From practice specific applications, computers, networked diagnostic and digital imaging equipment, mobile devices, and more - AmeriTechnology Group is your single point of contact for first line support.

Think of us as the liaison between your practice and all of your technology vendors. From budget planning, evaluation and implementation of emerging technologies and applications, and ongoing support - you can depend on AmeriTechnology Group to keep your technology running smoothly.

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