AmeriTechnology Group offers a comprehensive array of onsite, managed and remote IT support services designed to keep your business operating at peak performance. Most importantly, you will have peace of mind knowing that your company's systems are monitored and proactively managed around the clock, by experienced engineers and technicians.

Our Support
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Our IT experts stabilize and secure your servers, desktops, and network through proactive maintenance procedures. Most tasks are performed remotely, behind the scenes - without disrupting your users. Although we can address most maintenance items remotely, we are not "hands off". Our technicians utilize the appropriate mix of processes, procedures, technologies, and skilled people to ensure that your systems are highly available and properly maintained at all times.
  • Data Protection, Backup & Restore
  • It's our top priority to protect your business critical data through daily systematic backup procedures. Archiving data is notoriously prone to failure and complex. We ensure that your backup systems are operational at all times and your backup jobs are completed on time. In the event of a data emergency, rest assured that we've got it covered. We can restore your files and get you back in business.
  • Security, Stability & Optimization
  • Unprotected or out-of-date servers and desktops are susceptible to virus/malware outbreaks, system crashes, sluggish performance, and instability. Our technicians utilize remote update procedures to prevent your network from being plagued with these types of threats. Our experts select and install only the most applicable operating system, security, and critical stability patches, thus avoiding un-needed updates that can expose your network to unnecessary vulnerabilities. By utilizing our recommended "locked down" approach to protecting your network, your employees will be more productive and your business will operate at its peak performance.
  • Software Updates
  • Business specific and office productivity applications require a significant amount of maintenance and updating. We understand that your employee's productivity is of the utmost important. The last thing you want is your staff waiting for their computer to download and update business applications when they need to be working. Our experts consolidate and schedule these updates during off peak times.
  • Remote Monitoring
  • AmeriTechnology Group has made significant investments in real-time remote monitoring tools. Our specialists personally review reports, critical error messages, monitor system performance and availability, broadband connectivity, and take immediate action when problems arise.
  • Help Desk
  • The AmeriTechnology Group help desk is staffed by dedicated and highly trained personnel that know you and your business. You are not speaking with just another "call-center" representative. Our technicians are qualified to address all of your IT needs. As your 1st point of contact, we act as the liaison between your company and technology vendors.
  • Onsite & Emergency Services
  • AmeriTechnology Group technicians are available whenever needed for onsite routine maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs, and emergency services.
How we do I.T.

Our engineers find every computer and device connected to your business network. We then install an inconspicuous agent that runs in the background, allowing our experts a highly secure connection to remotely manage your entire network without disruption to your business. Our support team is notified every time there is an issue that needs attention and the matter is resolved generally within a few minutes.

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